5 Safety Tips For When It Snows

Snow can be a nuisance. It can mean waking up early to dig out your car, a stressful commute to work, and can leave you with a chill all day. But snow can also be dangerous for your health. Many people aren't conditioned to the physical stress of vigorous outdoor activities, like lifting a heavy [...]

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New Hampshire Heart Ball Chair Takes Mission to Heart

The 2019 New Hampshire Heart Ball is scheduled for Saturday, April 13 at Wentworth By The Sea in New Castle, NH. This year’s Heart Ball will be chaired by Josh St.Croix, Account Executive at Cross Insurance. The American Heart Association’s 2019 New Hampshire Heart Ball is a celebration of the mission, passion, work, and life-changing [...]

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Jenny Barba of BioVentures Investors Chairs Upper Valley Go Red for Women Luncheon

Jenny Barba of BioVentures Investors, a medical device venture capital fund, is serving as the volunteer executive chairman of the American Heart Association 2019 Upper Valley Go Red for Women® Luncheon. Barba, a venture partner with BioVentures Investors, brings 20 years of experience as a strategic advisor in the healthcare financing industry, specializing in medical [...]

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5 Easy New Year’s Resolutions

Resolutions can be hard to stick to, especially when we set ourselves up for goals that are too hard to reach. This year, set attainable goals and see how far you can truly go. Wellness doesn't necessarily mean going to the extremes and running miles or going vegan. Do what's right for you, sometimes simple [...]

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Make A Lifestyle Change This Year

It’s that time of year again, the time for New Year’s resolutions! Fitness and health goals are set and January is spent trying to achieve these goals. As months go by and the excitement fades, the gym is suddenly less crowded and resolutions disappear. This year, don’t let your resolutions fade. Set positive intentions for [...]

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Cold Weather Workouts

Staying active year-round can seem like a daunting task when Mother Nature doesn’t want to cooperate with your workout plans. Maintaining your exercise routine during even the coldest seasons can help propel you to a weather-proof, heart-healthy lifestyle. Why is a cold weather workout great? There’s no heat and humidity to deal with so you [...]

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5 Healthy Holiday Travel Tips

We all know how busy the holiday season can be. We spend a lot of traveling between our family and friend’s houses or we even make time to go on a little vacation! It can be a stressful time and can also lead to a lot of sitting on planes and cars or even a [...]

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Staying Warm With An Indoor Workout

The desire to stay in shape may start to lessen when the temperatures drop and all you want to do is stay inside snuggled by the fire. But don’t give up on your health goals just because winter is beginning to show its face! There are plenty exercises that can be done in the comfort [...]

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8 Ways to Hack your Holiday Recipes

Hacking a few of your traditional recipes this holiday season is smart for your heart. November is Eat Smart Month which is a great time to take a hard look at your recipes and incorporate simple swaps to make your favorite dishes healthier for the whole family. “The American Heart Association recommends adults eat at [...]

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Eat Smart During National Nutrition Month in March

Eating healthy doesn’t have to mean dieting or giving up all the foods you love. During National Nutrition Month in March, the American Heart Association is encouraging Americans to eat smart by ditching the junk, and giving the body the nutrient-dense fuel it needs. A healthy diet and lifestyle are the best weapons in the [...]

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